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If you are a member of our monthly membership, you won't pay any co-pays. Also many tests, examinations, and procedures are included in the monthly membership. 
Additionally, we have negotiated amazing deals for certain blood tests, prescriptions, and imaging so that your health care dollar goes further!
The monthly membership at Wellness for Life does not require any insurance to be seen. However, we do recommend that our patients continue to stay insured in order to cover your costs for a surgery, hospitalization or a referral to a medical specialist. Many patients are able to significantly reduce the cost of their insurance premiums by choosing a higher deductible plan. In nearly all cases the cost of our annual membership ($800/Adult) will be less than your deductible.

Additionally, you could also choose to have an even less expensive limited coverage policy, commonly known as a "wrap around policy". Not everyone will qualify, people with known existing diseases are usually disqualified by the insurance companies. 
We are glad you asked! The membership has many benefits which can be found on our website under the "Monthly Membership" tab. We promise a provider who listens and cares, along with incredible benefits like wholesale pricing for labs and radiology studies, deeply discounted prescription prices, and a significant amount of tests and procedures available at little or no additional cost.
With a typical Concierge medicine model, a monthly membership fee just gets you access to the provider and doesn't actually cover many of your care costs. A concierge practice usually still bills insurance for your visits. At Wellness for Life, our Monthly Membership includes all of your visits and additional perks, and we won't bill your insurance or collect a copay.