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The Healthcare team at Wellness for Life hopes to empower patients with tools and resources they need to achieve a higher level of health and wellness, throughout their life!

Tonia Graham, FNP-BC

Wellness for Life was founded in 2018 by family nurse practitioner Tonia Graham. She feels passionate to empower patients with the tools and resources necessary to be successful in maintaining their health and wellness over a lifetime. Her goal is to provide patients with the best care possible. She offers complete and comprehensive care for all ages at an affordable cost for the individual or whole family. Tonia Graham has been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2013. She graduated from University of Phoenix with her Master's degree of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner. Her many years of experience working as a flight nurse and emergency department nurse contributes to her extensive knowledge and training caring for critically ill patients. She enjoys caring for patients of all ages and works diligently when faced with challenges of complex medical care. She spends quality time with each of her patients and truly goes above and beyond to ensure patients have the best care outcomes.

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Jeremy Taylor, FNP-BC

Jeremy Taylor is excited to be a part of Wellness for Life. Happily married and having 5 children of his own, he is a family man at heart, and wants to provide health and longevity to all members of your family, at any stage in life. Pediatrics, athletics, perinatal, bariatrics, geriatrics, from the beginning of life to the end of this mortal existence, Jeremy is determined to make lasting professional relationships with his patients and their families. Jeremy is a native to Arizona, accomplishing primary and secondary education nearly 20 minutes from Wellness for Life. After living in Argentina for 2 years serving a mission, he graduated with his Associates Degree in Nursing and 6 months later with his Bachelors Degree in Nursing. He practiced as a correctional nurse, and a pediatric nurse before obtaining his Family Nurse Practitioner, Masters degree. As an FNP, he has worked in Urgent care, and a Neuropathy clinic, and is excited to bring his vast knowledge and experience into your plan of care. Jeremy’s interests are many and diverse, inclusive of singing, athletics, cooking, ping-pong, and eye-rolling comedy. His Nursing Philosophy “is founded on love of self, person, people, and Creator, that loving interactions and connections are base concepts of nursing as a discipline, science, and art and address holistic properties of health.”

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Love Tonia. The best for my husband, son and I. For me, she does it all - my general, my paps and my derm yearly checks. Very thorough. For not having health insurance, I'm enrolled in her monthly plan and with that, I get the best health care I've had in YEARS (health insurance included). It's nice to go to one person who knows everything about my body and for all my medical records to be in one place. Anyhow, I could go on and on. Tonia really is great.


Jeremy is an outstanding provider! I do not feel like I am being shuttled in and out as fast as possible so he can see other patients. He listens to your problems and talks with you until you are both on the same page. He is an excellent person. I am glad I have found someone I can trust.

Client of Wellness for Life

Wellness for Life is a fabulous clinic. Even since I discovered it, I have been recommending it to all my local family and friends. Tonia and Jeremy truly care about their patients and are so knowledgeable! I appreciate that they both let me-the patient- be involved in choosing what treatment is best for myself!

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